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Why L'École Française? Our Teaching Philosophy...

Our teaching methods and style are founded on five
fundamental principles in which we pride ourselves and
which we implement in every course, apply to every class,
and use with every student.

1. Understanding your needs, expectations, and learning goals through a detailed placement evaluation

With over ten years of experience teaching French as a foreign language to native English speakers, our instructors are able to analyze in depth the needs and expectations of those wanting to learn French. Our instructors have developed a very accurate placement examination that guarantees that our students are placed into the appropriate level of instruction. This allows the student to reach their goals quickly and successfully. In order to end bright, you need to start right!


2. Adapting and developing innovative and high-standard teaching techniques

To fully respond to the learning needs of our students we customize our course curriculum to each course level. We created an innovative approach based on efficient principles: teaching French with a clear and simple method in a fun, encouraging, and results-oriented environment which permits the student to build their confidence and reduce their inhibitions. 


3. Implementing new technologies and creative materials in our classes

We use interactive and modern strategies to facilitate your participation in class. Through well-structured lesson plans, you will develop the tools you need to master French in many diverse and practical ways.


4. Cultivating excellence through pedagogical strategies 

We have a challenging yet very supporting teaching style and believe students thrive through active participation. We limit the number of participants to 8 in regular and specialized classes to ensure that individual attention is given to each student.  


5. Keeping affordable rates and maintaining strong relationships

At L’École Française, learning French is a right, not a privilege. We welcome everyone in our classes without regard to race, national origin, religion, sex, age, disability, or economical status. We commit to providing affordable rates and maintaining respectful relationships among our students, instructors, and staff members.


At L’École Française, we truly focus our attention on 
your needs, on assisting you in reaching your goals, and 
on insuring your full satisfaction.   

Our success depends on your success!

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