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With over 20 years of experience and expertise in teaching French in the United States, we have specially designed this method to fully respond to the needs and expectations of our American students. DestiNations is a method which focuses on learning and completing tasks in French through traveling. You will find below a detailed leveling guide of each level with its course curriculum and learning objectives based on the CECR standards. (A1 to C2 levels)


  BASIC LEVELS A1/A2  (a minimum of 100 contact hours)



Curriculum and Contents

Learning goals






At the airport

Passports, Checking in, 

Understanding announcements

Present tense of être, avoir, -ER verbs, negative form, nouns, articles, gender, nationalities, countries, professions, numbers 0 to 69, interrogatives, objects of traveling, leisure activities, likes and dislikes, symbols of France and French-speaking countries


Greetings, introducing oneself and someone else, asking and answering questions, talking about likes and dislikes






“Invitation au voyage”

Booking a flight, following airport directions, purchasing duty free items, at the boarding gate, welcome on board


Present tense of aller, -IR verbs. –RE verbs faire, prendre, futur proche with aller, idiomatic expressions with avoir, indefinite and partitive articles, prepositions of location, time and sequence à, en, au, aux , interrogatives est-ce que vs qu’est-ce que, purchases and money, numbers 70 to 999, international currencies, aircraft and airlines, food, leisure activities, the weather and days, months and seasons


Booking a flight and purchasing an airline ticket, buying items, following directions, expressing one’s preferences, order food and talking about the weather





“Bienvenue à Paris!”

On the aircraft, going through immigration and customs, at the lost luggage counter, past the arrival area

Imperative form (1), passé recent, futur proche, introduction to passé composé, demonstrative and pssessive adjectives, descriptive adjectives, adverbs of time, directions, transporations, physical and personality description, family, numbers from 1,000, dates, months and years, objects of traveling, Paris and its arrondissements  


Completing a lost luggage form, making a detailed description of a person or an object, talking about future plans, giving orders, following instructions, asking for directions, talking about past events







Outside and inside Paris, at the metro/train station, car rental or in a taxi, at the hotel, renting an apartment

Present tense of the verbs connaître vs savoir and reflexive verbs, agreement and place of irregular adjectives, prepositions and adverbs of location and time, passé composé and past participles, the city, public transportation, colors, housing, every day life activities, time, exploration of Paris (arrondisssements, monuments and portrait of François Mitterrand)

Moving around Paris, taking public transportation, booking a hotel room, renting a car and an apartment, making a description of one’s housing, talking about daily habits, giving or asking for time, talking about past events







At the tourist office, at the museum, at the opera, in a concert hall, at a stadium, at the restaurant, at a fashion show, in a retail store


Present tense of the verbs pouvoir, vouloir, devoir, comparisons, introduction to imparfait, direct and indirect pronouns, pronoun en, interrogative and demonstrative pronouns, verbs of communication, cultural activities and events in Paris: arts, architecture, cinema and theatre, food and gastronomy, music, fashion, shopping and clothes, sports, French celebrations.

Inviting someone, accepting or refusing an invitation, making a reservation at the restaurant, attending cultural or sports events, going shopping, and talking about past events






At a language school or at the university, at a job interview, at work, at the bank

Passé composé vs imparfait, prepositional verbs, pronouns en and y, relative pronouns qui, que, où, expression of time and duration, negative form, interrogative pronouns, education and studies, professions and jobs, work and industries, the bank and the financial world, education and the work market in France, French people relationship with money

Telling a story in the past, talk about past habits, interviewing and answering a person, talking about one’s studies and education, professional career, finances, money and applying for a job.







At the gym, at the nutritionist, at the hospital, at the doctor’s or dentist’s, at the pharmacy, at the spa, at the hairstylist, at a blind date

Futur simple, futur simple vs futur proche, imperative form (2), reflexive verbs at the imperative form, connectors, indefinite adjectives, adverbs of frequency, pronoun en and y, human body parts, health, medical professions, physical activities and sports, food diets, spas and hairstylists, love and friendship relationships, astrological signs, the French medical system, popular sports in France, Saint-Valentin’s day in France

Talking about future plans, giving orders or advice, talking about one’s physical and mental health, food diet, sports, love and friendship relationships, signing up for a membership, purchasing medicine, making an appointment at the spa, hairstylist, doctor’s …


    BOOKS* WE RECOMMEND along your French studies...
 * (These books are not included in class tuition. Participants will have to order their own materials)


Basic A1/A2        Intermediate B1/B2      Advanced C1/C2



     Basic A1/A2           Intermediate B1/B2        Advanced C1/C2 


       Basic A1/A2           Intermediate B1/B2        Advanced C1/C2        



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